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              When we talk to Volkswagen, we will think to interestedness of this brand. It has attractiveness of driving including history's Volkswagen and origin's Volkswagen.

              In 1930, It's origin of Volkswagen. That mean crisis of the world is World War 2 in Germany. Germany is Axis leader which their can use artifices. It's both personnel and weapon which their have full of efficiency. After that, Germany can send to the important stronghold around the region. There are hope that, occupy the world. The important of stronghold is desert area which it must to use vehicle for every conditions.

              Adolf Hitler is Axis leader. He orders to Dr. North Hope and Dr. Ferdinan Porsche. Their are a German engineer and designer of Porsche car. Hitler has order to create conveyance which it can use in the desert war. This car is Volkswagen car. That is origin of Volkswagen car.
              In 1938, the first car of Volkswagen begin make sell a serious way for people. Volkswagen is mean people car. In German language, Volk is mean people. Wagen is mean automobile. Volkswagen is name with order of Hitler. So, Volkswagen is car which its have 4 seat including save oil, longest durability, the fast run. The important thing is cheapness.

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