Target Groups

The customer of Volkswagen group is premium group which the most customers are teenager. The aspirational group has a little bit. When we think about Volkswagen car, we think the luxury and levels of society. We compare that Astern Need (Self - astern recognition status of Maslow's Theory). It show to advertising of brand which it's reflect the luxury and classic of cars. Nowadays, the customer need car which they expect to Customer Perceived Value and Benefit/Cost. The important thing is fixed price moderation. That is matter of course which the customer want high quality and reasonable of price. Volkswagen group can provided about financial service and insurance for the customer.

Agent and distributor of Volkswagen group have interesting with every side. Traditional showroom will change to new which it's advanced services. Whole we will convenience to provide of financing for customer.

We are confident that we will get satisfaction from customers. Moreover, we can treat our customers can take it. Especially, we are interesting with the premium group. We have customers, we focuses on quality to customers. Besides that, Volkswagen group can create Customer Relation Management (CRM) with distributor which their make marketing.

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