Letter of invitation


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Dear all parthers and customers,

              I am Kanokkon Wangkunphrom as General Manager of Volkswagen Group in Thailand. I will thankful with everybody that their live and trust with us over seventy years. Recently, Volkswagen Group begin announce classic car of 2010 “New Beetle” Moreover, we begin start our blog including your can share creative idea for develop and improve a car. Cars have luxury and classic that people desire to owner. 
              I would like to invite with everybody for share discussion in this Blog.

Your sincerely,
Ms. Kanokkon Wangkunphrom
GM of Volkswagen Group, Thailand

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  1. Dear, Volk Swagen

    My name is Tanit Samsung .I am a manager of Canon blog(Thailand)

    First at all, I would like to give thankfulness for your comment. It is able to be very benefit for our company.

    Now, I has visited to follow your blog,Volk Swagen. I am appropriated your design. It looks very soft. However, I would like to give some good idea for you. Your blog may be interesting more and more. If it is possible, you may change your background or music of your blog .

    And, I hope my comment is a part for your success in designing blog.

    Your sincerely
    Tanit Samsung
    Canon ‘blog manager