My journal - Week 1

Image Hosted by PicturePushThis subject have more students which take an interest. Many students are enroll in this course. There are full class. At the first stage, I can’t enroll in this course. I feel sad. I am hopeless because I meet with bad thing. In first day of term, I am sick. Doctor tell me that I am haemorrhagic fever. Moreover, I must stay at the hospital about 6-7 days. I am worry with my registrations. In the second week of term, I receive a good news because someone are withdraw. When I enroll in this course, I register e-mail in google web for make blogger.

In this course, I know about business included communication in business and presentation. Beside that, there practice about written skill in English. When we think of business,What are you thinking? My answer is contact between customer and owner. In fact that, It’s trade included exchange money, production, marking, seller and service. Finally, I get about business more than the past.